The activity of S.C. “D&G DYNAMIC MAINTENANCE GROUP” S.R.L. is regarding, in the first place, the maintenance of equipments but even some other works from the mechanic area. Starting with the fact that we have experience in the fields of maintenance and fixing the equipments from the petrochemical industry, we offer, to our clients, high quality services in the fields of installation, pursuit of good function and maintenance for the equipments in their endowment.
Knowing that an equipment, how doesn’t work on its nominal parameters, can bring losses to you, we consider that promptitude is the most important thing in solving your petitions. Our activity doesn’t end when we sign the reception and the quality certificate. Through a programme of proactive maintenance we want to be sure that our clients’ equipments will work, always, at theirs high potential.

Dynamic Maintenance Group

„We believe in the long term business relations and we are supporting our clients to get the better of their equipments’ performances.”