The statement regarding the policy and the
objectives regarding the quality

........The top management of D&G DYNAMIC MAINTENANCE GROUP S.R.L. has defined the policy regarding the quality as being an instrument how leads the company to improve its performances, so that it can determine the clients to trust it and the profit to increase.

........Considering the performances and the experiences gathered so far, as well as the exigencies of our clients, the top management engages itself in a continuous process of implementation and improvement within the D&G DYNAMIC MAINTENANCE GROUP S.R.L. Company to a SMC according to the SR EN ISO 9001:2001. The top management is also engage itself to provide services so that, through their quality, the clients to receive appropriate support in their demarches regarding their own development and prosperity, to respect both legal and settlement demands as well as the any other additional requirements detected by the company.

........The top management establishes the company’s objectives of quality for the relevant positions and at the relevant levels. The objectives of quality are measurable and congruent with the policy regarding the quality.

........To settle the objectives of quality, the top management takes in consideration:

- the present and future necessities of the company and the served market;
- the relevant findings of the analyses made by the top management;
- the present performances of the current processes and products;
- the level of satisfaction for the involved parts;
- the self-evaluation’s results;
- the competitors’ analyses, the opportunities of improvement;
- the needed resources for the objectives’ completion.

........The objectives of quality are communicated to all staff so that this could participate in their completion. These objectives of quality are periodically analyzed and reviewed as many time as needed.

........The general manager engaged and applied this policy and in this purpose he nominated the Representative of the Quality Management with the responsibility of implementing, sustaining and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.


Daniel Chisca,
General Manager