We decide to develop a business based on the obtained experience in the field of the maintenance of dynamic equipments used in the petrochemical industry, in industry, generally.

With the help of the staff, careful selected, and our collaborators we can do:

General maintenance operations:

Assembling – dismantling industrial equipments and installations;
Mechanic works in repairing the un-tightness and replacing the fixtures;
Different metallic confections.

The maintenance of dynamic equipments:

The evaluation process of the good function state of the equipments with high qualified staff and technical support;

The implementation and the pursuance of a preventive maintenance programme for the dynamic equipments through periodical measurements, the determination of the function state, the elaboration of technical reports attended by recommendations, mechanical interventions to remediate the observed and recommended malfunctions;

Maintenance activities and repairs for dynamic equipments – centrifugal pumps, single or multistage, horizontal or vertical, proportional control pump with piston or surge, worm pump, replacement of used agitational components, ventilators etc.;

The assembly or the replacement of mechanic sealing, elastic couplings, oiling system, shields etc.;

The balanced of the rotor assemblies and the alignments of equipments with laser alignment kits;

Modernization works for the dynamic equipments in view of raising the reliability and the safety during the function process;

Other mechanic works.